I am a student with a keen interest to learn about physics and an aspiration to further develop a
career in fusion materials research.

Physics and materials background with programming

skills and plentiful group project experience.


1. Education

1.1 MSc Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors, University of Birmingham    Oct2018 – Oct 2019

  • Nuclear Instrumentation, Radiation Dosimetry and Protection

    • Particle Detectors

    • Neutron Radiation Physics

    • Nuclear Electronics

    • Radiation Dosimetry

    • Radiological Protection

    • Radiation Shielding

  • Radiation Transport, Thermal Hydraulics and Reactor Engineering

    • Radiation and Charged Particle Transport

    • Thermal Hydraulics

    • Reactor Engineering

    • Fusion

    • Statistics

    • Reactor Physics

    • Reactor Kinetics ​​

  • Reactor Materials, Reactor System and NDE

    • Material Science

    • Reactor Systems and Safety Analysis

    • Nuclear Fuel Cycle

    • Non-Destructive Testing

    • Reactor Control

    • Radio Chemistry​​

  • Practical Skills​

    • Physics Laboratory

    • Metallurgy Laboratory

    • Computing(FORTRAN, GULP)

    • (Computational technique for) Numerical Analysis

    • Reactor Safety Exercise​​

  • General Paper

    • Environmental Implications of Nuclear Power

    • Reactor Materials

    • Financial Appraisal

    • Decommissioning

    • Industrial Lecture Series​​

  • Research Project

    • Personal project work and thesis

1.2 BSc Nuclear Science and Materials, University of Birmingham Sep 2015 – Jul 2018
predicted 1 st Class Honours (from the first-year result)
Relevant modules:

1.2 Shung Tak Catholic English College (Hong Kong) Sep 2009 – Jul 2015

  • HKDSE (Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education exam):

    • Physics: 5**

    • English: 5*

    • Algebra and Calculus 5

    • Chemistry: 5

    • Mathematics 4

    • Biology 4

(equivalent to A*A*AABB in A levels.)

1.3 Sponsorships obtained:

  1. Hong Kong outstanding Achievement Scholarship (£3000 for 1 st year only)

  2. Material Science Achievement/Excellence Scholarship (£3000 for 1 st year, £1500 for 2 nd and 3 rd year.)

  3. TI Group UG Scholarship (£1000 for 1 st ,2 nd and 3 rd year each)

  4. Thomas Turner Prize (University of Birmingham School of Metallurgy and Materials) (£100 for the second year only)

  5. Student Development Scholarship (£1000 against the summer school in §3.1)

  • Programming(in decending order of familiarity): Python, C++, Bash, Batch, PowerShell

  • Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro, InDesign, Final Cut Pro

54th Culham Plasma Physics Summer School
54th Culham Plasma Physics Summer School (§3.1)
Farnsworth fusor (§3.3)

3. Science and Engineering related Experience

Systematic study of the effect of neighbours on the evolution of intragrain misorientation Jun 2018– Present

  • Extracted the simulation results from Abaqus, a commercial thermomechanical modelling software, using Python; and subsequently optimized the extraction speed.

  • Researched and investigated various mathematical methodologies for finding the average orientation, which is a previously un-explored problem in material science.

  • Reported simulation result and comparison with results in literature in a scietific paper

  • Gained elementary understanding of Finite Element Modelling

Modelling of void collapse in 316L stainless steel (final year project) Jan – Mar 2018

  • Developed the code for plotting (spatial and temporal) variation in grain orientation extracted from Abaqus and calibration of model parameters, as well as animation for the orientation evolution; all automated via Python.

  • Collaborated with other group members to steer the course of the project using the plotting results, as well as explained the relevant results in the group project report and viva.

Culham Plasma Physics Summer School Jul 2017

  • Learned about the relevant background knowledge in plasmas physics so to put the importance of fusion materials research in context.

  • Creates opportunity for me to take on projects that require background understanding in plasma physics in the future.

Nuclear Physics Laboratory Oct – Dec 2017, Oct – Dec 2018

  • Identified unknown elements using neutron activation analysis and gamma spectroscopy using a High Purity Germanium detector.

  • Measured the neutron flux in neutron bath using a BF3 detector.

  • Analysed the results using Python’s numerical processing capability; and then visualized them graphically via Python as well.

Summer Physics internship, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Birmingham Aug 2016

  • Worked on a group project to produce a working prototype of a radiation detection drone

  • Gained relevant specialist knowledge about the workings of cyclotron, GPS and radiation detector, as well as radiation protection procedures.

Fusor Group Project, University of Birmingham Oct 2015 - Present

  • Recruited as part of Fusor Project team, following from an interview selection process

  • Worked with 7 other more senior students in order to build a Farsworth nuclear fusor.

  • Successfully applied for a grant of £2800 on behalf of the group to cover the cost of the power supply

  • Gained experience of collaborating in a scientific group without reliance on external input and guidance

Formula Student member, University of Birmingham Oct 2015 - Jul 2016

  • Manufactured, shaped and resized steel and aluminium components of the test car (including Catch can holder, chassis and aluminium arches) based on the technical specification.

  • Researched the cost model and produced report to demonstrate manufacturing cost of a component.

  • Produced the cost report (in Microsoft Excel) and collected data for planning to set up factories in Europe.

Light Pollution Surveyor (social study project) Sep 2014- Jan 2015

  • Surveyed and reported the light pollution situation in Hung Shui Kiu (a region of Hong Kong). It involved using a scientific instrument (luxmeter) on site to collect data about the brightness of the vicinity, and distributing and recollecting questionnaire.

  • Gained valuable first-hand experience in developing and conducting a scientific investigation, building my positive attitude towards scientific investigation; and this gave me an intuitive understanding of how to operate scientific equipment with accuracy and consistency.


4. Other experience

Secretary of Parkour Society at University of Birmingham Sep 2017 – Present

  • As one of the three founding member of the society, built the foundation for the traceur community here at the University for through organizing the bi-weekly gatherings.

Library collection assistant, University of Birmingham Main Library Jan– Sep 2017

  • Carried out stock management tasks including re-locating stock, interfiling, re-boxing periodicals and searching for lost stock.

  • Worked in a motivated manner despite relatively little supervision

Global Buddy (UoB Guild of Student scheme) Sep 2016- Jan 2017

  • Act as the mentor and point of contact for four, newly arrived international students, by assisting them to adjust into their new social and physical environment

  • Received positive feedback from all four students

Student Librarian, Library club executive, Librarian Manager Sep 2009 - Aug 2014

  • Helped students to borrow and return books, assisted students with using the photocopying machine, stocked and retrieved items from the shelf, collaborated with other student librarians to organise activities.

  • Dutifully committed to the weekly shift as a volunteer student librarian


5. Extra courses and competitions taken outside of the curriculum

  • Extra modules taken in University of Birmingham (exceeding the 120 credit maximum)

  1. Quantum Mechanics I & II

  2. Quantum Approach to Solids

  3. Lagrangian Mechanics

  4. Electromagnetism II

  5. Eigenphysics

  • Hong Kong Biology Olympiad (First Honour)                                                                Dec 2014

  • “Mysteries in the Atomic World” (CUHK Science Academy for Young Talents)       Jul 2014

         o   Elite high-school students’ course about university level Quantum Mechanics (including quantum tunnelling and the relevant equations.)

  • Nanomaterials and renewable energy                                                                                Feb 2014

         o   Learned biological labs skills and in-depth knowledge of genome


6. Interest and activity

  • Parkour (a sport of creatively and swiftly overcoming physical obstacles)



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