Parkour in Coventry

Parkour is the discipline of navigating a complex (usually urban) environment in the most efficient way. It is recognized by the UK government as an official sport.

Since I am also an avid traceur you will inevitably find photos of me doing Parkour on social media occasionally, and on this website. (Though I do separate studying/work from leisure quite rigidly, so I never Parkour in the work place.)

I enjoyed every movement and moment of innovation since I have started Parkour.

You can find more relevant clips and photos on my IG.

Also, I am one of the founding members of the UoB Parkour Society; together we hold weekly outdoor training sessions and indoor open sessions where we can meet other traceurs to train, as well as teach anyone who is interested in the sport how to get started. After dabbling in it, one will soon realize that It is not a risky sport as thought of by some.



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